Are you tired of seeing other people teaching the subject you know & love

- but you can’t quite seem to share?

When you care deeply about a subject, there’s a natural desire to share what you know and love. To teach others so they can experience the same life-changing goodness that you’ve experienced.

But, how?

How can you teach what you love in a way that allows you to honor your subject, serve your students, and THRIVE yourself?

Or maybe you’ve been teaching for awhile but are struggling with some aspect – either your fears, translating content on-line, or giving too much?

Jen-Louden-Headshot-01Whatever your challenges around teaching, presenting and course creation, you aren’t alone.

I’m Jennifer Louden, and in my 23 years of teaching, leading sold-out retreats, and creating popular on-line courses like TeachNow (1160+ students in 3 years!), and writing 8 books with over a million copies in print, I’ve experienced – or worked with a student – who has experienced just about every challenge.

Places I’ve presented and taught:


Teaching is challenging!

Creating good content is challenging!

Managing students, marketing, creating great collateral materials… well, you get it.

Let me help you in your teaching journey.

Come spend one hour with me and let’s dissolve 7 of the stickiest obstacles to thriving as a teacher – on-line or off – teaching any subject.

7 Ways To TeachNow & Thrive

Here’s what we will cover in one rollicking hour:

  • Creating the conditions for students to learn – off line and on
  • Grabbing and holding their attention
  • How to stop draining yourself through “helicopter teaching”
  • The importance of claiming the archetype of the teacher
  • Expanding your teaching methods or how to stop doing the same old thing
  • Why you should “steal like a teacher”
  • A quick way to switch to the growth mindset when receiving negative feedback

This free class alone has helped thousands of teachers so even if you have no intention of ever taking another course (never ever!), come join us for 60 minutes of info you can use immediately, followed by an optional Q&A.

taramohr“TeachNow is one of the most powerful educational experiences I ever had.”

— Tara Sophia Mohr, women’s conscious leadership expert, author
creator of Playing Big,

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& join me on March 19th at 5pm PT/8pm ET


This free class is for coaches, writers, physicians, business owners, artists, CPA’s, yoga teachers, performers, meditation teachers, personal trainers, investors, parent educators – truly anybody who has information to share.

My promise:

  • 7 immediately useful teaching tips + two free guides, including A Quick and Fab Guide to Content Creation – no more content creation overwhelm!

Yes, a recording will be sent but if you attend live, you’ll receive a special surprise & you can ask me questions!


“I started teaching singing at a music conservatory two years ago. The first year was filled with so much agony as I was constantly berating myself for failing as a teacher – despite the fact that my students loved my lessons and were getting better, I could only see how I was falling short of my own expectations of how a teacher ‘should’ be.

In my second year of teaching I came across TeachNow. I had been aware of it and questioned if it could live up to promises, so I didn’t buy it at first.

Finally, I was going to quit teaching, so I bought your programme. Right away, the material started to have an impact on me. I started to allow the teaching to happen rather than trying to wrestle it to the ground.

I have a joy in my teaching now which was absent before and that’s thanks to TeachNow. Thanks for a great, game-changing course.

—Steven Sparling, voice instructor and actor,, taken TeachNow 4 times



Enter your name and email below
& join me on March 19th at 5pm PT/8pm ET