You want to teach what you love, be of service and make a good living

Of course you do!

Teaching is such a wonderful, important calling and you deserve fantastic support. There’s deciding what to teach & not overwhelming your students with all you know. What about handling negative feedback and persnickety students that bring everybody down? And how about trusting what you have to teach? And then there’s… marketing, both to get students in the door and keep them there.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and falter – why did I want to teach in the first place???

I hear you! And that’s why I created TeachNow.



Jen-Louden-Headshot-01It’s the program I wish I’d had when I started teaching 22 years ago. My first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book, became a best-seller, and I was called to teach at prestigious hospitals, banks, retreat centers, spas – even on Oprah. Yet teaching was too often a frustrating experience. I wanted to quit — all the time.

I thought it was just me who struggled until I had a life-changing conversation with Elizabeth Lesser (co-founder of The Omega Institute) one summer day. I began to see: teachers need teachers!

Fast forward to the creation of TeachNow, now the gold standard training program, created with wise help from Michele Christensen, who has taught everything from yoga to leadership skills to Fortune 100 executives. Michele is now parenting full-time and I continue to lead TeachNow.

A few places I’ve been:


To date, TeachNow has helped 1163 teachers thrive.

We’ve helped teachers like:

  • Joan, a health coach, who wanted to expand beyond one-on-one work into online programs.
  • Deb, a watercolor artist, who was teaching around the world yet needing to earn more and take better care of herself.
  • Jack, a CPA, who wanted to teach locally to build his client base.

You don’t have to learn the slow, painful way I did!

So, what happened for Joan, Deb, and Jack?

Joan, in applying TeachNow ideas, sold out her first online program and made the most money ever in her business.

Deb courted better paying venues and asked firmly for what she needed to teach sustainably. She’s fully booked for the next two years with more time for self-care.

Jack opened up a whole new passion: teaching parents and adult students how to get financial aid for college. His “How to Pay for College” workshops have reinvigorated his whole career.

We invite you to join and learn to thrive as a teacher.

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TeachNow is the program for when you want…

  • To gain clarity on what to teach—and find the students who are hungry to learn
  • To plan—without exhausting yourself with over-planning—an effective, engaging program (regardless of format: live, e-course, retreat, or other)
  • Tell a good story, create experiential exercises, and learn to engage reluctant students
  • Reframe marketing your work as an effective way to teach

“This course was everything I had hoped it would be, and more.”

— Marianne Elliott, UN Peacekeeper, human rights lawyer, yoga teacher, author,

“TeachNow is one of the most powerful educational experiences I ever had.”

— Tara Sophia Mohr, women’s leadership expert, author, poet, creator of Playing Big,

Through TeachNow You Will…

  • Kick-start your teaching—or restart it. It’s not called TeachNow for nothing!
  • Renew yourself as a teacher (or speaker or coach or writer—however you define “teacher”) if you’re burned out, bored, or plateaued.
  • Gain concrete tools to improve your teaching, from planning to managing time to handling “difficult” students.
  • Develop and own the content you truly wish to teach.
  • Develop teaching as a way to sell products & services without feeling like a marketing sleaze.

Would YOU like to be free to share your work, to enjoy it, and to make a difference in your world? Starting right now? Then you are in the right place!

Register today!

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Lori-Losch“If you are a teacher, aspiring teacher, or author, this course is totally for you. You will reap rewards you couldn’t have imagined.  I got more out of it than most other courses I’ve ever taken … and I’ve taken a lot!

The design of the course was so conducive to people like me who aren’t linear thinkers. I was able to bounce around, do what parts I wanted to in the moment and leave the rest for later. I eventually ‘used’ a lot of the huge amount of material just because of the way it was designed. It was so easy. It will pay for itself over and over and over again. Just jump in.”

—Lori Losch, mobile app creator & developer, co-founder of the “Answer for Cancer Tour,” and philanthropist

KassHallheadshot“As a bestselling author and artist, you’d think I had the confidence to step in front of a class full of students and succeed. After all, I studied teaching at university! The reality was I was consumed with self-doubt, not trusting that I had something of value to share or that I had the capacity to really inspire students. Several classes I’d taken felt like fizzers.

When I heard about TeachNow, I wondered if there was really more to learn, but a friend and experienced art teacher was taking it so I signed up and threw myself in. For many weeks I listened, wrote notes, took part in the community and really thought about how I was going to take the treasure trove of information and experience presented and make it work for me.

Taking TeachNow was the smartest money I have spent in a long time and the results are in – my classes have been sell outs, the praise has been steady and overwhelming and I’ve even been told by one student I was the best teacher of art she’d had – and she’d had MANY. I know this is thanks to everything I learned from the experts and community that Jen brought together in Teach Now, and I know it can change how anyone teaches for the better. Your industry is irrelevant – you can and will learn from this incredible experience. I cannot recommend it strongly enough!”

—Kass Hall, mixed-media artist and bestselling author

“I have grown so much over the 4 times I have taken TeachNow – from terrified to call myself a teacher, deeply unsure of whether I deserved to be in that place, through to gaining more confidence and ease in my teaching, to marketing myself as a teacher to organisations, and finally to creating and promoting my own workshops. It has been a huge evolution and Teach Now has supported me along the way. I learn so much from you Jen, both in the interactions I’ve had with you, but in observing how you handle your students and your business with such grace and such integrity. You are an inspiration and I’m grateful that you’re in my life!

—Steven Sparling, voice instructor and actor,, taken TeachNow 4 times

donna-Druchunas“The TeachNow program with Jen Louden completely turned my teaching experience around–for me and for my students. I used to dread teaching and often find myself wishing my classes would be cancelled at the last minute. The “don’t overdose your students” lesson is the best advice I have even gotten in my career. Since I began using what I learned in TeachNow, I look forward to every class and I have been getting more and more positive feedback from my students.”

—Donna Druchunas, knitwear designer and writer

Here’s how the program works:

You learn from 6 beautifully organized modules delivered every 2 weeks via Ruzuku. Each module includes:

  • A pre-recorded, nicely-edited, 60-75 minute class that will have you laughing, gasping, nodding your head, and scribbling like mad.
  • Handouts, Worksheets, and Audio/Video “extras” for every module to further your learning. Go deeper if you wish, when you wish. (You have lifetime access to all of the course materials so you can revisit them as often as you life, whenever you like.)
  • Optional Homework Invitations to get you from inspiration into action.
  • 56 Master Teacher Interviews: MANY students say these alone are worth twice the price of the course. Seasoned teachers from a variety of fields, like Natalie Goldberg, Mark Nepo, Elizabeth Lesser, Keri Smith, Dani Shapiro and Meg Wheatley, in candid conversations about their challenges and personal lessons as teachers. Transformational nuts-and-bolts delivered with healing transparency.
  • Master Teacher Searchable Index: search the interviews for what you need. Course design pointers? We’ve got you covered. Teaching spirituality? Time management? Hurting after a failure? Check. It’s your own personal library of support. And in each module, we offer you the best search terms to find the Master Teacher interviews that match that module.
  • Extended Ruzuku Trial: Directly apply what you’re learning with a free 3-month trial to nifty Ruzuku’s platform during the length of the TeachNow course. Then you’ll have the option to register for a discounted subscription ($697/year instead of $997/year for the standard annual plan) to start implementing all your new skills and knowledge.
  • 5 Heart-Support LIVE Integration Calls with Jen & her Super-Special guests: 90 minutes LIVE to talk through what you need, get expert coaching, and ask questions. Just this is worth the price of the course!

Module 0: Your Essential Inner Work as a Teacher

{LIVE class + audio + transcript + handout + bonus audio + video}

This module includes (click to read more)

  • What kind of teacher do you think you “need” to be?
  • How to be in the gap between how you want to teach and how you do teach
  • Where are you on the developmental path of the teacher?
  • The power of being a student-teacher

It will help you:

  • Tolerate uncertainty and mistakes in teaching
  • Know where you are on the developmental path, and where you might want to go next
  • Know how to see your stories about who and how you “have to be” as a teacher
  • Know how to be authentic and still be effective as a teacher

Most common big take-away is on living in the gap and when I quote Parker Palmer.

Module 1: Transformational Teaching

{audio + transcript + video + worksheet}

This module includes (click to read more)

  • Experiential exercises for creating a safe container and for regulating your own state
  • The Four Levels of Transformational Teaching: Information, Experience, Inspiration, and Transmission
  • How stories help access all four layers and transform students
  • How to build and maintain a safe container for your students’ transformation

It will help you:

  • Give your students “appropriate dosing”—not too much info, and not too little, at just the right pace
  • Create the just right mix of information, inspiration, and experience in each of your programs
  • Use stories to create profound, powerful teaching in any subject

Oh the breakthroughs alums have had in the module  – especially around creating experiences, appropriate dosing & story telling.

Module 2: Claiming Your Authority & Lineage

{audio + transcript + video + worksheet + handout}

This module includes (click to read more)

  • Identifying your rich, life-long lineage of influences, mentors, heroes, and anti-heroes; and taking your place within it
  • Appropriate dosing vs. being “the human blender”
  • A guided process to own what you know and be at peace with all you don’t

It will help you:

  • Feel confident in your teaching
  • Forge a powerful, practical connection with the people and influences that support your teaching
  • Have resources to draw upon anytime you run into an obstacle with your class, your students, or your marketing
  • Know what you’re ready to teach NOW

It can be tempting to dismiss the inner work of teaching as mere fluff but in all my years offering this program, I believe it’s where the most profound shifts happen, usually for the people who think they need it the least.

Module 3: The Nuts & Bolts of Teaching

{audio + transcript + video + 2 action guides}

This module includes (click to read more)

  • Structuring and organizing your material
  • Finding the sweet spot between planning and over-planning
  • Managing students (especially the difficult ones)
  • Teaching to different learning styles

It will help you:

  • Easily and quickly create programs from nothing, even if you’ve never created one before
  • Walk step-by-step through teaching—Step. By. Step.
  • Create community and warm hospitality
  • Discover your natural style of teaching and use that style to thrive.

This module is all about getting you out of content creation paralysis and into making targeted focused classes.  Our live mentoring calls with help you fine tune your classes, too!

Module 4: You Are the Vessel: Self-Care for Vibrant Teaching

{audio + transcript + video + action guide + audio visualization}

This module includes (click to read more)

  • Recovering from, and preventing, burnout
  • Handling projection and other challenges and opportunities
  • Feminine and Masculine elements of power (also known as “No more over-providing”)
  • Preparing to teach, and recovering afterwards

It will help you:

  • Manage your own energy
  • Create strong, flexible boundaries
  • Create and sustain energy in the classroom
  • Fine-tune your self-care, systematically, so your teaching comes from a full tank

So many students have experienced break-throughs in self-care that also helped their bottom lines like Gail, a child-birth educator who by giving herself time after a class to rest, found the energy to teach two more classes a week.

Module 5: Making Offers, or Teaching NOW

{audio + transcript + video + worksheet}

This module includes (click to read more)

  • A recording of a live class leading you through a powerful visualization of your future as a teacher
  • A second class with Molly Gordon and Jen about marketing yourself as a teacher
  • Two pre-recorded mentoring calls with Tara Gentile and Alexandra Franzen about marketing for teachers
  • Two live mentoring calls with Jen Lee and Andrea Lee focused on marketing

It will help you:

  • Market with integrity to dissolve the “ick” factor
  • Frame marketing as teaching
  • Eliminate erroneous beliefs about earning a living as a teacher or teaching = poverty
  • Craft one offer

Many students have found the reframe of marketing as teaching a total game changer in sharing their message.

About the Live Integration & Mentoring Calls:

Learning happens when you have structure + accountability + mentorship. So TeachNow includes 5 Live Integration Coaching Calls with Jen Louden & her super-helpful guests.

  • You’ll get the structure to apply what you’re learning – the calls themselves keep you engaged and provide a gentle but firm rhythm to stay engaged
  • You’ll have a sense of connection and community to keep the learning wind in your sails
  • You’ll tap into the wisdom of these experienced mentor teachers live and ask your questions (ahead of time or live)
  • All mentoring calls are recorded so you can listen again and again


  • April 7th, 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern — with Lianne Raymond, M.Ed. is an educator and personal coach who specializes in developmental psychology and trains Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map teachers.
  • April 28th, 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern — with Pixie Campbell, artist, founder of SouLodge, and healer at
  • May 12th, 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern — with Dr. Kelly Edmonds, teacher and developer of course curriculum for academia, entrepreneurs & enterprises.
  • May 26th, 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern — with Jennifer Lee, author of Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way and the bestselling The Right-Brain Business Plan, coach at
  • June 9th, 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern — with Andrea J. Lee is an Entrepreneurial Futurist and visionary founder and host of the Wealthy Thought Leader conference.

You may submit questions ahead of time if you can’t attend live.

TeachNow will give you:

  • More confidence as a teacher—no more waiting to be ready or to be the expert
  • Effective ways to organize and deliver your content—no more drowning your students with the fire hose of too much information
  • Understanding of how to enroll students with integrity
  • Far more resilience to criticism from students and from your own harsh inner voice
  • Companionship on the journey so you don’t feel alone or uniquely screwed-up when you go through the inevitable challenges

TeachNow will help you:

  • Design programs that effectively meet your students’ real needs
  • Dissolve the comparison urge and instead stand in your own true authority
  • Gather feedback and evolve your course without reinventing the wheel every time
  • Understand where you are on the teacher’s path, and what your next growth steps are

Register today!

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wendy-mooreBecause of Teach Now, my teaching has become something much more significant, mindful and joyous. A series of classes that come from a deep, enthusiastic, vulnerable part of me start soon! From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the energy, wholeheartedness, honesty and love that you imbue in Teach Now. I will wholeheartedly recommend this course again and again because of the wondrous content, joyful connection, and sense of humour. Earlier this year, with a lot more money than I normally spend, I signed up for an online thing that I did not feel was worth what I paid and I felt misled, stupid and disappointed. I was therefore very wary of doing it again. Your course was SIGNIFICANTLY less cost but PROFOUNDLY more valuable. Thank you. As we say in Nepal, Ramrosanga Januhos….Go well.”

—Wendy Moore, artist and teacher

nancy-martin“Don’t miss this opportunity! If you’re like me and are not a “teacher” in the traditional sense, you may not think this course pertains to you. Before I embarked on this journey, the idea of thinking of myself as a teacher was the farthest thing from my mind. I had just taken Jen’s Life Navigator course, and got so much out of it that I was pretty sure I’d also benefit from this one. As it turned out, TeachNow helped me see my place as a “teacher” of sorts.

The course was so jam-packed with tips, tools, interviews, and a range of ideas that are not likely covered in most teaching courses, but I now know are key to truly drawing in and deepening the students’ (or audiences’) experiences. As a result, I feel so grateful to have stumbled into this. Now I know how to bring my whole self into the process while mindfully holding the space for my “students” in the most positive way. This course has shifted the way I view teaching, and has given me the gentle nudge and the support I need to get to the next step.”

—Nancy Martin, women’s group facilitator and leader,

We’re guessing you’ve got a few questions about TeachNow.

Perhaps you’re wondering…

Q: “I’m an experienced teacher. Will these materials be too basic for me?”

Experienced teachers who are ready to stop suffering from burnout, fatigue, self-doubt, and under-earning are a huge part of the TeachNow community. Each module has material that will meet you right where you’re at, to create a renaissance in your teaching work. Many TeachNow students have had considerable teaching experience—in traditional settings and at the college level, some up to 30 years or more.

Kadena Tate img_4112“My anxiety in signing was that I discover I’d been doing everything wrong and would need to recreate my entire curriculum.
 My heart is filled with so much gratitude because this course supported me in recognizing the value underneath my course offering; the classes, calls and support materials offered a plethora of ideas on how to strengthen my offering with art, music, dance, painting and play. I am now integrating these ideas and my students are having a lot of fun!

TeachNow has shown me how to integrate my whole self into my offerings – intellectual, spiritual, playful, creative, angry and hopeful self. This is such a blessing that I don’t yet have the words to express my joy-filled liberation. Thank You so much!!”

—Kadena Tate, business acceleration alchemist

Q: “I don’t think of myself as a teacher. Is this for me?”

If your work involves service, transformation, sales, or healing, you are—or can become—a “teacher” within our definition—and we think you will benefit from doing so. You don’t have to lead classes per se, and you definitely don’t have to be a part of the traditional educational system. Many TeachNow alum don’t think of themselves as teachers, but as artists, writers, coaches, massage therapists, entrepreneurs, or designers. However, they all feel that interacting in an educational way with others is important to their success.

marta-headshots“I wanted to let you know how helpful TeachNow has been and will continue to be in my developing path. As I mentioned from the beginning of the class, I wanted to start teaching workshops on performance anxiety. You recommended that I try to do a test run for a group of friends before the end of TeachNow. I took that to heart and taught my first LivingRoom Workshop last Sunday to 4 friends! It went great and I learned so much from the whole process. I feel like I have a quality product that will actually be helpful to people. I am putting together a second workshop with a colleague and friend. This one is on playing games and using improv to help in performance. We’ve done a similar class for teens for years, and she teaches college students, so we’re going straight for the real deal right away. For that one, I’m building on what I’ve learned from the first class, plus now I’m using the tools from Tara to do real marketing to our lists. Scary! And exciting!

Thanks for all of your help and expertise. I will continue to work my way through the goodness on TeachNow for quite a while.”

—Marta Johnson Lettofsky, pianist, music director, and vocal coach

Q: “If I don’t yet know what to teach, should I wait to take this class?”

NO! If you’re ready to engage with the questions and challenges of your teaching work, you’re ready for TeachNow. If those challenges include, “I can’t decide what to teach,” or “I know the topic, but I have no idea how to get started teaching,” the TeachNow tools will help you get into action.

It is tricky to encapsulate all that has happened since I took TeachNow. I have grown about a million brain-cells. I feel a confidence in my possibilities. TeachNow has given me the ovaries to get my work into the world and I am so deeply grateful. I’m booking my first in-person workshop this week.”

—Jane Cunningham, artist and storyteller,

Q: Who isn’t this program for?

It’s not a great fit if you hate to learn online. While we do everything we can to make it super easy in terms of technology, you do need to know how to download files and dial into a phone bridge.

miranda_laurenceThis course was not only informational but transformational for me. It took my self-employed teaching business of over 15 years to a whole new level. As well as all sorts of practical tips which I implemented with great success, the main result was that it breathed new life into my teaching with a depth that I was surprised and delighted with. I got clear about 3 workshops I could offer now and I finally created a website! It confirmed what I was already good at and inspired me to develop those areas that need it.”

—Miranda Laurence, leadership and communication skills training with a shift in perspective

Q. Do you offer refunds?

Of a kind! If you feel unsatisfied after experiencing the entire program, I’ll happily offer you a free coaching session with me ($378 value). Email us at the end of the course and tell us briefly why the course didn’t work for you, and we will get you scheduled for one-on-one time ASAP. So no money back, but you get what you need: help thriving as a teacher.


Q: “Where can I see a list of the 56 TeachNow Master Teacher Interviews included in the program?”

Right here!

Natalie Goldberg
Author of Writing Down the Bones
David Emerald
Creator of The Empowerment Dynamic (T.E.D.)
Dani Shapiro
Bestselling author, teacher, speaker and contributing editor
Cheri Huber
Author and Zen student who overcame her knee-shaking fear of teaching
Sharon Salzberg
One of the first Westerners to bring Buddhist teachings to America
Keri Smith
Artist and bestselling journal wrecker
Meg Wheatley
Changing the world through community building
Lee-Anne Ragan
Developing world fire-brand and improv lightness teacher
Dyana Valentine
Oracle & outlaw
Susan Hyatt
Martha Beck’s go-to-gal, Master Coach, featured on Oprah
Elizabeth Lesser
Co-founder of The Omega Institute
Meggin McIntosh
The Teacher’s Coach
Angeles Arriens
Cross-cultural anthropologist and beloved mentor to thousands
Jack Ridhl
Poet, and Michigan Professor of the Year
Michael Bungay Stanier
Great Work inciter and End Malaria world-changer
Mollie Marti
Best life advocate and activist
Breanne Dyck
Excellence instigator, coach and strategist
Flora Bowley
Painting phenomena
Parker Palmer
Teaching elder and beloved unvarnished truth-teller
Tove Irene Dahl
Knighted for her teaching in Sweden
Sean D’Souza
Marketing mentor and brilliant teacher
Susan Piver
Teacher of meditation, writing, and the Enneagram
Gail Larsen
Legendary transformer of speakers and their messages
Elizabeth Duvivier
Founder and director of Squam Art Workshops
Mark Nepo
Author of Oprah’s “Bible,” The Book of Awakening
Molly Gordon
Bad Princess and Master Coach
Kim Hermanson
Author of Getting Messy—one of our favorite books on teaching
Eric Klein
Awakening Corporate Soul author and ordained swami
Michael Jones
Gets CEOs to lie down under his piano
Abby Seixas
Mentor to women’s overwhelmed souls
Amy Weintraub
Yoga for Depression founder and writer
Elizabeth Rainey
Certified Anusara yoga instructor and voice-over artist
Sarah Selecky
Writing teacher and prize-winning author
Andy Cope
Positive Psychologist
Hiro Boga
Energy alchemy for teachers
Laurie Wagner
Offers writing classes for women writers
Christina Baldwin
Deep student (and revered teacher) of group circle process
Mark Silver
Sufi Master Teacher and business tenderizer
Beth Nicholls & Kelly Rae Roberts
Artists and creators of Hello Soul
Catherine MacCoun
Tibetan and Western Alchemist and novelist
Mark McGuinness
Smart creativity and business poet/coach for creatives
Ali Edwards
Scrapbooking superstar
Laura Davis
Shifted forever how we see sexual abuse
Ainslie Hunter
Maven of on-line teaching
Patti Digh
Best-selling author of fame
Roger Courville
On-line engagement expert and story teller
Alexandra Franzen
Communications expert
Tara Mohr
Expert on women’s leadership and well-being
Michael Meade
Renowned storyteller, author, and scholar
Jeffrey Davis
Author and creativity consultant
Randi Buckley
Coach for sticky situations & master course creatrix
Pamela Slim
Author of Body of Work and business advisor
Tara Gentile
Business Strategist
Jen Lasher Breen
Yoga instructor & founder of Bainbridge Yoga House
Nancy Slonim Aronie
Writer, radio host, and founder of the Chilmark Writing Workshop
Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Spiritual teacher and beloved author

“Jen and Michele’s brilliance (plus the wisdom in the teacher interviews, which are worth the purchase price alone) gave me the permission and confidence to step fully into my power. TeachNow has been more instrumental to my business than any other course I’ve ever taken (and I’ve taken many)!”

—Anna Guest-Jelley, founder of Curvy Yoga,

I have participated in a number of programs and TeachNow ranks Number One for me in terms of value and learning. I have learned so much from you and your fellow teachers. The organization has been excellent & the quality of materials outstanding. I love the way you work together, too. I have been and will be recommending your work.”

—Ben Anderson, technology leadership recruiter

It’s time to support the teacher in you to shine.

TeachNow registration will close Tuesday, March 31st at 11:59pm Pacific – that’s a firm close. A new group of engaged, eclectic, and loving people will be bringing their gifts to one of the world’s great needs—while taking great care of themselves.

Will you be among them?

Haven’t you waited long enough to teach? And in a way that leaves you confident and energized, rather than exhausted and doubting yourself? And in a way that helps you build your business and flourish, if that’s important to you?

There IS another way, and you’re about to learn it.

Register today!

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TeachNow Delivers!(Click on the photos below to read what some of our 1160+ students have to say.)TN_People_2015