Get Zen with Teaching and Marianne Elliott

This is one in our series of four case studies discussing the new face of teaching.

We love Marianne Elliott, whose participation in our very first cycle of TeachNow introduced us to her work (Thank God and Marianne for 30 Days of Yoga!)

Over the ensuing years, our friendships have deepened. Jen loves her yoga and courage work so much she invited Marianne to be her guest yoga teacher at her Taos Writers’ Retreat and co-taught The Creative Joy Retreat with her both last year and this year.

Marianne’s background sounds like something it would take three lifetimes to amass (and she’s still a pup!) She’s been a human rights lawyer, an Oxfam policy advisor, a traveler, a UN Peacekeeper, a best-selling author, a yoga teacher (and guide for other teachers in taking their yoga off the mat into service work,) and restauranteur.

Listen in as Jen and Marianne talk about:

  • How Marianne draws on human rights, the law, memoir writing, and yoga in her teaching heritage
  • How Marianne got clear on her core teaching message through teaching
  • What comforts and nurtures Marianne as a teacher
  • How Marianne gets the most out of courses like TeachNow and turns them into a nurturing fest

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