Getting Curvy with Anna Guest-Jelley

This is one in our series of four case studies discussing the new face of teaching.

Anna Guest-Jelley is a yoga pioneer and the kind of tour-de-force woman that a distant observer might imagine never doubts herself.

She was an English teacher before she began teaching yoga, and in What It Means To Teach Yoga says, “Now my students’ writing is with their body and life, not the keyboard.” Her Curvy Yoga is a training and inspiration portal for full-figured yogis and their wholehearted teachers.

Our favorite Anna line is: “Grab life by the curves and never let go.”  — Oh, yes.

Listen to hear:

  • How Anna created her Curvy Yoga teacher training without a map, and what she had to do to keep herself going in the process
  • Why you have to START teaching to get momentum on your confidence and expertise as a teacher
  • How Anna’s background informed her teaching (once she really LET it) – and how yours can inform yours
  • How in-person teachers or practitioners (like healers or yoga teachers) can also offer powerful teaching through blogging, ebooks, and other writing.

Right-click the link below to download this audio romp between Jen and Anna!

Do yoga with Anna!

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