Interview with Randi Buckley About Creating Interactive Exercises


Randi Buckley is one of my guests for the live integration calls that are a bonus in TeachNow.

I chose Randi because of her incredible experience designing interactive learning experiences and translating big ideas into teaching that sticks. Randi is a writer, coach, and course creatrix creating exceptional, experiential courses that don’t suck for coaches and creatives of all ilk. Deepak Chopra called her course design work for him “shining genius.” This summer she celebrates 25 years at the Concordia Language Villages.

Here’s what we cover in this chock-full 11-minute interview:

  • How to organize all that you want to teachRandi-Buckley
  • How to tell the story of your course to find your focus and flow
  • Borrow from children’s games to help you create experiential activities
  • Ways to create activities online to bring your teaching to life
  • How to engage the 7 multiple intelligences
  • The huge importance of building moments for stillness and reflection
  • And lots more!

The additional integration live call guests are Jeffrey Davis, Pam Slim, and Tara Gentile – all geniuses in teaching, writing, and marketing. You’ll be able to ask them anything. And dig this – these live calls are just the bonuses NOT the main meal for TeachNow. Another incredible bonus? 48 Master Teacher interviews indexed by subject matter – it’s like having the best personal mentors you can imagine at your fingertips. TeachNow is a feast that has galvanized 1,006 teachers in so many fields to get into action and to earn more money. And it’s super affordable.

Test-drive the course for free on April 3rd to see if it’s a good fit for you. Sign up here.



PS: Yet another extra bonus to TeachNow this year is an extended free trial of Ruzuku to test-drive during the course. If you think it’s the right platform for you to create your own course, you can register for their Up-and-Comer plan at a 50% discount. They’re also including a teleseminar training for TeachNow alum to walk you through step-by-step.