In the words of some of our 1160+ students…

“I participated in the first half of TeachNow. I got a ton of practical wisdom out of it. Your lessons about not overwhelming people and going deep with a topic really stuck with me and are shaping the way I am offering my course. Totally recommend to aspiring teachers!” —Sasha Cagen, author of Quirkyalone and To-Do List and creator of Get Quirky, 30 days to celebrate the quirky in you,

“Wow, Jen. I am really impressed with the amount of value in TeachNow. I wanted to reach out and say hello and thank you for your integrity, wisdom and generosity.” —Jac McNeil, coach women solopreneurs,

“Teaching isn’t new to me. I’ve been doing it for 15+ years. When I signed up for TeachNow, I knew I’d dig it. But I wasn’t expecting the level of pure awesome Jen and Michele brought. There were bits I so wish someone had told me years ago—things that would’ve made teaching a totally different experience for me. I don’t wow easily. But TeachNow completely wowed my face off. If you have even the tiniest interest in teaching, jump in. It’s totally worth it.” —Fabeku Fatunmise, Business Awesomizer/Suck Exorcist/Punk Rock Alchemist,

I’ve taken many courses on teaching, and I can say without hesitation that TeachNow has been the one that vested me with the most valuable skills and information, which I was able to morph into rock solid results. I can’t recommend TeachNow enough. It will transform the way you share your expertise and gifts with the world.” —Cigdem Kobu, Wicked Awesome Life & A Year With Myself,

“I had no formal experience teaching when I started TeachNow. The program helped me value all the informal sources of learning and legitimacy that my teaching already had, so I feel confident and empowered to teach. I know I’m not a fraud: I do have knowledge and passion and that’s really what teaching is.” —Victoria Prozan McGlinn, writer and designer,

emily_stewart“One of the most amazing things about the course has been the combination of such wonderful and engaging content and your reliable and loving presence, you truly have created something priceless.” —Emily Stewart, A Celebration Day for Girls facilitator

ss-Elliott“Sign up now! Don’t wait another minute! This course is packed with practical, nuts and bolts, advice and how-to’s, plus heart-based reflections on teaching as a spiritual path. You will be a better teacher, plus a better person, at the end.” —Sarah Elliott, labyrinth facilitator and non-practicing lawyer

jenni-johnsYour role modeling of several important skills: not worrying about being perfect, teaching us how to set boundaries with students, and giving generously from your heart. Also, some of the aspects of running your business. As a new entrepreneur I am studying different people’s approaches to marketing, as well, and you and Jeffrey Davis really have it down. I love how seamlessly you provide educational content that leads right into your next offering. Brilliant! It is so natural and doesn’t come across as a “sales” email. So I am trying to emulate that. Also, how you set a safe boundary for the group in each call, have people center themselves, and also have a definite, if not a ritual ending. I have been pretty good at beginnings but not endings, so I am thinking about that!

The ideas that I received from you and others about how to make teaching online more interactive and engaging. That is so important to me—I’m a visual learner and I also really value community, so trying to figure out how to teach on the internet has been a big challenge. I have lots of ideas now for how to do that.” —Jenni Johns, heart-centered entrepreneur and lifelong educator

TeachNow completely shifted my perspective on teaching. At Ruzuku, the TeachNow philosophy and model are essential to our work.” —Abe Crystal, Ph.D., co-founder, ruzuku:

SherrieMcCarthy“I was not sure if I wanted to invest the money. If the course fulfilled its promises, it would be a bargain. If it didn’t, I was out almost $500. That’s a lot of books I could have bought that covered some of the topics! Thankfully it was a really fantastic course! I have started to roll out my new material instead of sitting on it until it was perfect and I have the confidence to do so!” —Sherrie McCarthy, teacher, writer, mama and adventurer

20110424_Sara_Avant_DHF__06211“Teaching is my Soul’s calling, yet I’ve never really learned how to teach. Before I signed up for this course, I was feeling like my teaching was becoming a little dry and stale. I reached a plateau and needed to shake things up. Now I feel like I have more than enough tools and strategies to share what I love. Teaching feels new and exciting to me again, and after I implemented some of what I learned in this course, one of my long-time students told me it was the best class she’s ever had with me! I will return to the resources from this course again and again to help me grow and evolve. If you are a teacher, or an aspiring teacher, I highly encourage you to take TeachNow NOW!” —Sara Avant Stover, teacher, author, and high priestess at The Way of the Happy Woman,

“TeachNow inspired me to pursue my passions and open myself up to teaching what I love. And to remember, I can trust in the teaching process and my students. I don’t have to fix anyone or anything. TeachNow has liberated me from the chains of waiting for the perfect moment where I will be totally ready and instead has gently allowed me to begin it now. Yay!! It is inspiring and practical and helpful and enlightening.” —Heather Williams, proud mom, happy wife, and a promoter of positivity

“TeachNow is a deeply profound program. This isn’t your typical ‘how to teach’ program. It goes way beyond that to show teachers how they can connect with their students and their material in a very special an authentic way, and how to re-engage with their role as a teacher and guide. It goes beyond the concepts of defining learning objectives and marketing your course, and gets to the heart of what you’re doing as a teacher and as a guide.”
—Brigit, Biddy Tarot,

The course materials blew me away. I had never thought about teaching in such a deep way. I had NEVER thought of being a teacher from the multitude of perspectives presented in the calls and materials. WOW! Because of TeachNow, I let myself off the hook as an over-preparer and over-deliverer. I acknowledge myself as a teacher and I recognize that I have something of value to teach.  Here is what I say about the course: Do it!  Don’t think twice! Then take it again and again!!” —Susan Rossi,

“This will change your life if you let it. What you learn about relating to others + caring for yourself will change your teaching life, but it will also change your WHOLE life.” —Effy Wild,

“I took TeachNow twice. The first time I signed up, I did not consider myself a “teacher.”  I am in the middle of a career transition and I knew all roads were leading to Jen, so I signed up for the course because that is where the thread was going. I felt like I needed the information to become a better coach. By the end of the course I realized I was in fact on the path to teacher. Taking TeachNow for the second time, wearing the hat of teacher, felt different. The first time was about discovery, the second time was about ownership. Same information, different insights, because I was seated from different vantage point.

Now I have clarity. I am clear on what I want and I am able to make the hard decisions about what needs to go in order for me to focus on what needs to be done. The decisions aren’t hard actually, they are simply realizations that allow me to course correct.

TeachNow is full of compelling, inspiring, and helpful information.” —Rachel Schultz,

TeachNow will help you become more skilled, inspired, and supported through a comprehensive curriculum and expert teachers. Extremely worthwhile!” —Liz Hartz, art therapist and social worker

Hampe Cartoon Headshot“TeachNow gave me a name for my biggest concern (“creating a safe space”), techniques for building that space, and reassurance from the Master Teacher interviews. I moved in weeks from having the concept/curriculum/desire to actually teaching the class. And the “safe space” aspect turned out to be one of the most consistent and favorable parts of students’ feedback.” —Karl Hampe, instructor & creator of “Models & Artists: An Integrated Approach To Figure Drawing,”

“Being an academic, I wondered what I would get out of this course since Jen and Michele aren’t academics. I got so much out of this course! Part of it was the content and format, but also because I was motivated to stay as active as possible by commenting frequently on the Ruzuku site. I rediscovered my love of teaching and see it as a calling. If you have any desire to teach in any format whatsoever, don’t hesitate to sign up for this course. I have participated in many e-courses and this was one of the best I have taken.” —Jodi Crane,

“The world is waiting for you to teach. Minds and hearts are waiting. TeachNow will walk with you as you say yes…to yourself, to your students, to the spirit that calls you to serve. There are a million ways to teach. TeachNow will help you find your way, for yourself and for all who are waiting.” —Sarah Flick,

“I had hoped to get a nuts and bolts primer to developing teaching programs. And I did, in spades. But I also came to understand the grace and beauty that is available in teaching. I met expert teachers who raise the level of teaching to art. And I enjoyed the love, attention and humor that Jen and Michele bring to sharing their love of teaching to the world.

If I was going to say one thing to someone who is thinking of taking TeachNow, I would say to do yourself an incredible favor and join the tribe of teachers who are sharing their wisdom with others and making the world a better, more knowledgeable, higher vibrational place.—Deirdre Walsh, is an integrative health coach. She helps women who are up to big things in the world build a sustaining foundation of stress resilience – using mindfulness, nourishment, mindful exercise and restorative sleep,

“What an amazing course you two have put together! It’s just jam-packed with goodness. The interviews have turned me on to amazing people I never knew about, and are always (always!) inspiring. The issues you bring up, and the homework you offer is so rich and important. It’s like a breath of fresh air every time I dip in. You have set a very high bar indeed.—Melissa Dinwiddie, artist & inspirationalist,

“From the tender young age of seven, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. The question of why I wanted to teach and who I wanted to be as a teacher remained less clear, even after graduate school and yoga teacher training. TeachNow allowed me to discover my own truths as a teacher, and have those truths validated by an amazing, compassionate group of teachers and leaders. TeachNow is alive with wisdom and grace. It is a gem of a program.” —Colleen Leonardi, artist & editor,

“Taking the TeachNow program was my way of giving permission to myself to take teaching—and myself—more seriously. It felt arrogant to say that I had things to say or share in a ‘teacher’ role. All of the areas that made me feel uncomfortable or fearful about teaching were addressed on the course, and I appreciated having people from different areas giving their style/angle on what teaching is/can be. It reframed my definition of teaching.” —Rhian Bowley, writer and fan of the fantastic,

“There was no good reason why I needed TeachNow. I have been teaching for over 20 years, yet I trusted my intuition to sign up—thankfully. This course was so much more than I expected or dared to hope, so personally and professionally transformative.” —Lianne Raymond, coach, high school teacher, yoga teacher

I signed up hoping for something that would increase my teaching skills, but what I received was something much greater: not just learning, but transformative growth.—Pace Smith,

Your TeachNow course last fall was one of the best courses I have ever taken! I have signed up again. This course beautifully models ‘appropriate dosing.’ If teaching is part of your work, and you have experienced any of the above challenges, I can’t recommend it highly enough.” –Laurie Rosenfeld, master coach, lawyer, organizational development consultant,

I wish TeachNow had been available to me twenty years ago! Jen and Michele guide new teachers into confidence and help more seasoned teachers re-assess their path and goals. The bonus: having two teachers who have been at it for a long time—and who work from the heart—to bounce ideas and questions off of.”

—T. Thorn Coyle, author, teacher, spiritual director, activist, founder of Solar Cross Temple and head of Morningstar Mystery School,

TeachNow will change your life, and that’s no dramatization. It is soul fuel. As a Coach, I wondered if TeachNow was going to be aimed more at teachers and less at coaches. It was a perfect fit. And the exercise we did calling up our guides and teachers? I use that before every coaching session and it feels powerful and calms me down, every single time.” —Kerry Demetriou, coach and teacher

“I worried that I didn’t have time and that ANOTHER course would just give me more busy-work. The consistent message was, “Take what you can and leave the rest,” really helped. In fact, with that permission NOT to access everything, I ended up accessing and making use of pretty much everything! Now I’m ready and eager to jump in and create courses and workshops, and I feel excited about experiential learning and creating containers and frameworks for my students to teach themselves what they want to learn. Teaching feels more fun and alive to me, like a grand adventure. It feels like thrilling travel with all of its uncertainties, delights, and surprises. The course covers all the bases. There is tremendous nourishment. There is welcome, conviviality, collegiality, and earthiness. TeachNow is also unique in my experience because you get access to Jen, who is loving and generous and wise and funny. I would tell those future students: do this for yourself. If you participate even minimally, you will find yourself more hopeful and more than ever eager to teach.” —Kate Chadbourne,

kendrawhite3[1] (1)“I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to teach. I was afraid I wouldn’t know how to teach different kinds of students. I didn’t know how to put material together into a class, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to provide value to my students. The class and all other materials gave me the confidence to know that I did know (now) how to put together a class, materials, and, most importantly, how to manage myself and my energy to provide excellent learning experiences for my students while also taking care of myself. I addressed my fears and doubts by taking small actions and trusting myself, as well as putting the lessons of the class into practice.

I am much more centered and confident in myself. I have been able to step back and not overprovide content. I always tried to cram so much content into my classes so that I would feel good about providing value, but now I realize that I was providing less value by overproviding and overwhelming my students. Learning how to structure my classes and how to provide enough content to create a meaningful and valuable learning experience without over-providing was a huge benefit.

If you want to teach in any way, this course will teach you everything you need to know, nuts to bolts, to make it a reality, give incredible value and content to your students, and feel confident and graceful in the process…” —Kendra Brodin, Career and Personal Coach,

Both times I have engaged in the course, I have come out with increased or renewed enthusiasm for teaching in general. I feel less fraudulent in my sharing of myself this way and my relationship with my (home schooled, I’m the “teacher”) kids is much better. If you have any doubts that you are a teacher already, this course will gently but completely shake them out of you. Jen leaves no pockets unturned in clearing out old stories and uncertainties that keep you from sharing your most important messages with those who need and want them, then she fills those pockets back up with inspiration and knowledge to help you do just that.” —Claire Beaumont, painter and homeschooling mom of two sons

TeachNow Delivers!