Making the Leap From In-Person to Online Teaching: Case Study #2

Today’s case study highlights finding the confidence to teach very body-based work online and insights into marketing as a teacher from one of our happy alums.

TEACHNOW CASE STUDY #2: Erin Geesaman Rabke, Embodied Life Teacher

I’ve been a teacher of one kind or another for 20 years​ so​ I had​ real​ hesitation about joining TeachNow – did I really need this? I’m so glad I took the jump! So many blessings came through the course…

One was I’ve been wanting to teach online but I’ve been a bit terrified about not being in the room with my students because my work is so body-based.​ I was nervous about not being able to respond to people’s energy on the spot, wondering whether they’d understand me when I wasn’t in the room with them.

I got so much great information, encouragement, and specific suggestions from TeachNow to make the leap, and I did it!​ ​I​n addition to my regular teaching schedule, I​ ran two successful ​online ​courses last year and can’t wait to offer more.

My first online course, The Embody Gratitude Project​, I offered right after TeachNow ended​. I would’ve been thrilled if I’d had 20 people registered and I ended up with close to 100 students! ​The same thing happened with my second online course, The Embody Ease e-course. Close to 100 people from many countries joined me. I got great feedback from my first e-course​s​, and besides my thrill,  I was able to make thousands of dollars more money too!

What Jen calls “living in the gap” probably got me off the fence the most. Teaching NOW rather than “waiting until I’m perfect” (a moment, which of course never arrives.) ​I loved what Parker Palmer shared in his interview about the fact that if we really care about teaching, we’ll often feel as if we’re not living up to our standards. It’s inevitable because we care so much. Now, that’s not a problem that stops me anymore, but I can hold the whole delightfully challenging process of teaching with great compassion and a different, humbling understanding…

Hearing Jen and the many other teachers share their own struggles (as well as skills) really gave me such a sense of “we’re in this together.” I got the importance as a teacher to LOVE my students. So much more is possible when people feel seen and loved – we can’t help but blossom. Intimidating tech-details aside, I can totally “Love them!” and I do. And they feel it.

Another part of TeachNow that worked for me was understanding marketing ​not as “selling” but as an opportunity to educate my peeps. When I shared my authentic enthusiasm for how embodied gratitude practice rocks, it worked! People signed up.

Finally, I found the quality of the community Jen gathered to be simply stunning. There was so little of what I’ve found in so many other courses and online forums I’ve participated in… here people weren’t selling themselves, the guest teachers weren’t holding back their best info until we sign up for their program. People shared with such a sense of generosity and respect. ​​I loved being in the community learning environment and learned a lot from classmate’s posts and Jen’s too – she’s very active and giving. As you probably already know, Jen’s presence is such a transmission in itself.  She gives me great courage to show up wholeheartedly in the love of what I’m sharing, the love of my students, and in my own unique ​and quirky ​way. I can’t say enough good about the course and will be highly recommending it to the many teachers (and wanna-be teachers) I know.

Erin Geesaman Rabke
Embodied Life Teacher
Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner


Erin, way to go! Offering not one but two on-line courses, and so quickly! WEEE!

Now over to you: what’s one way you can authentically share your enthusiasm for what you teach with potential students – today!? Get creative and then share what you do on my Facebook page. Let’s get to know each other.

This is such a juicy conversation, thanks for being in it with me!



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