Play Big + Teach Now with Tara Sophia Mohr

This is one in our series of four case studies discussing the new face of teaching.

Tara Sophia Mohr is an expert in women’s leadership and well-being.

Her Ten Rules for Brilliant Women is an astounding example of the power of succinct, potent teaching to go viral. She’s a poet with an MBA from Stanford (How’s that combo for a unique lineage?)

A few highlights of our talk:

  • How Tara felt called to express ideas and see them have an impact, and backed into the awareness of being a teacher
  • How you can start embodying your dreams now, and why you MUST
  • Why the hierarchical model of teacher-as-expert, students-as-not is passing away
  • How Tara helps women tap their internal mentor

Right-click this link to download the audio of this fantastic interview:

We highly recommend Tara’s signature program, Playing Big.

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