The Future of Teaching + Ethical Marketing with en*theos creator Brian Johnson

Oh this is a good one, teachers!

This is one in our series of four case studies discussing the new face of teaching.

Brian Johnson is the author of A Philosopher’s Notes and founder of en*theos Academy, which is transforming the way virtual learning is done. Their purpose is to inspire and empower people to optimize their lives. Woo-wee, that’s a cool purpose.

You may be a member of the en*theos community, tuning in for this interview with Brian. If so, you already know Brian as not only a smarty-pants, but someone who is living his values. He’s inspiring just to hang around.

If this interview is your introduction to him, I am thrilled to have you meet Brian through our conversation. Honestly, I was high for hours after talking to Brian about teaching and marketing.

Brian is a gifted teacher of life optimization in his own right, but with en*theos Academy he is creating a platform for many other teachers to do what they do best – teach – with full support from the infrastructure of the Academy.

Brian shared so many innovative and inspiring perspectives on the future of teaching and what’s possible for teachers and learners of all sorts. Meaningful change, deep community, true success, and sustainable growth were all on the docket.

A few highlights of our talk:

  • Why hustling doesn’t have to be part of your teaching future
  • How trying to stay with what’s new and hot may not serve your students
  •  What role self-trust plays in marketing.

You’ll also learn some surprising – and relieving – perspectives on:

  • UNKNOWN TEACHERS:  Why Brian believes that changing the world depends on both big-name teachers and newer teachers with smaller followings
  • VIDEO VS. AUDIO:  Why audio may be even more powerful than video for your audience
  • CHANGING TOGETHER:  The power of community to support meaningful, lasting change
  • FACE-TIME:  How online connection can support in-person connection between learning communities
  • TRIUMPH OF THE MARKETING AVERSE: Why NOT being all about marketing can actually drive better business over the long term
  • SUSTAINABLE GENEROSITY:  Great ways to make your teaching available to those who need it most without being “non-profit” yourself
  • MAGNETIC MODELING:  The ultimate sales tool: your own happiness

Right-click this link to download the audio of this amazing 25-minute interview:

Check out all the courses at en*theos Academy!

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