Craft Your Personal Introduction & Get Clear on Who You Teach

TeachNow offers you an incredible “through line” of 5 live calls with me, Lianne Raymond, Pixie Campbell, Dr. Kelly Edmonds, Jennifer Lee, and Andrea J. Lee to discuss and deepen what you are learning from the pre-recorded classes. It’s called a “flipped classroom” – first you listen to the main teaching, then we discuss and learn more together.

And TeachNow also includes 55 interviews with incredible teachers  as a bonus – yes, bonus, not the main content of the course! – and those interviews include last year’s mentoring guests. These interviews give insights & inside tips not heard anywhere else, and each interview is indexed by keywords so you can find the wisdom  mentoring you need when you need it.

Listen in on a sample from a live mentoring call with Alexandra Franzen and craft your personal introduction to help you zero in on who you serve and how to connect with them. You’ll learn who you serve and what you do for them, and a glimpse of your future offerings – as well as getting a taste of the “bonus” part of TeachNow.


Listen in here:



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