About Jen

  • I know teaching is a profoundly powerful path for inner and outer transformation.
  • I believe teaching is vitally needed to love the world into wholeness.
  • I know you can teach in a way that is more fun, more sustainable, and more healing for both yourself and your students.
  • I believe that selling a get-rich-quick dream or hype is very bad ju-ju, as is creating a course people will never use. So TeachNow is not that.
  • I believe teaching is an incredible way to build a business and fill your soul – the internet & the fast pace of change has made teaching incredibly valuable.

Who is Jen?

I started teaching at 28, when my first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book, became a word-of-mouth best seller.

The success of that book, and my love of writing and learning, led me to write seven more books on well-being with about a million copies in print in 9 languages. I’ve led retreats, workshops, and given keynotes in places as diverse as Kripalu retreat center, the Canadian wilderness, and Saks Fifth Avenue. I’ve spoken to groups of 2 and groups of 3,500. (Yes, speaking is teaching. So are books, blog posts, videos, and lot of what you do.)

Somewhere in there I went to coaching school, and did a bunch of other trainings with a focus on mediation, yoga, and writing.

I’ve taught for 23 years, but I only recently started to call myself a teacher. I now see it as one of the most creative things I do and I use everything from TeachNow to help me love it, and myself, more.

I’ve grossed low-six figures every year since my early 30’s. I mention that not to promote a dream of big bucks as a teacher, but to point out that I have learned ways to take care of myself financially, and that is a big part of teaching effectively.

I had the idea for TeachNow when I watched a dear friend, a master spiritual teacher, not stepping into his brilliance as a teacher – He wasn’t doing it with all his ten toes “in.” He was hiding. I just could not believe it – Why?? It was in that moment that I heard myself say, “I want to support teachers.”

I love to collaborate, so I asked my friend Michele to help me. We created the course together – and now Michele has stepped out to parent her two little babies and to focus on relationship coaching. We loved working together – except we both are terrible at details! – and Michele simply has far less time and energy for anything except her core business and family!

Who is Michele?

Let her tell you!

I (Michele) became a professional coach and speaker at age 23. I’ve led retreats and seminars in Mexico, the United States, and the UK. I’ve taught coaching skills, yoga, meditation, and feminine power, as well as business-building with a spiritual foundation.

I co-created the year-long programs Balance Builder and Success Made Fun, and co-wrote Succeeding Without Side Effects: Burnout-Proof Your Leadership and Life and White Space Time: The Only Productivity Tool You Need.

My executive coaching takes me into Fortune 500 companies to help senior managers and executives integrate masculine and feminine power as they lead. I struggled to find my voice and power as a teacher, a lot like Jen. We’ve been good friends since I attended her famous writers’ retreat in Taos.

Why Did We Create Teach Now?

We (Jen and Michele) both started teaching in our twenties with no experience, no curriculum, no pedagogy – in other words, totally by the seat of our very young pants. What ensued was a whole lot of learning that could have been done – shall we say – with a tad more ease and a whole lot more support.

But we were young and stubborn, and Jen had that best-selling book and requests to speak and teach, and Michele was, at 23, the protégé of one of the most influential coaches in the world (CoachU founder Thomas Leonard), so we each soldiered on.

Looking back, we realize three things:

  1. Neither of us ever thought to learn how to teach, so focused were we on content. Content is important but so is your inner awareness and experience.
  2. There wasn’t any help available for non-traditional teachers. It just didn’t exist. (pre-Internet, if you can imagine!)
  3. We were naturally good at teaching (most of the time), but we often didn’t enjoy the process because we didn’t know the inner skills of teaching and therefore frequently zapped our own energy and fun.

We both almost quit a whole bunch of times.

We want better for you. A whole lot better. So we created TeachNow.

We welcome your questions.

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