TeachNow will inspire, renew, and give courage to your teaching

“TeachNow is one of the most powerful educational experiences I ever had.”
–Tara Sophia Mohr, writer & teacher (btw she’s got 2 Ivy League degrees!)

Can one course transform both the inner game of teaching & the outer paths of planning, marketing, and student interaction? Hundreds of teachers and teachers-in-the-making from dozens of disciplines confirm that TeachNow delivers all that + lots more.

TeachNow delivers 5 Learning Modules + 33 Master Teacher interviews + Best Teaching Tools Ever  + SUPER BONUS (register before January 18th) of A Year of Live Integration Calls = YOU, teaching your way, sustainably

“This course was everything I had hoped it would be, and more.”
–Marianne Elliott, UN Peacekeeper, human rights lawyer, yoga teacher, writer
The Big Picture

You know some stellar stuff. And you share it. Or you want to.

Maybe you've been a student for a long time. Of Zen. Or raw food preparation. Or energy healing. Or knitting.

Or maybe you're a practitioner who's learned a thing or two. About parenting. Or money fears. Or chiropractic care.

Or, in the more traditional sense, maybe you've got the degree or the credentials to be a capital-T Teacher. Maybe you've taught forever.

Maybe you teach, but you want to teach something different. Or you've heard the call to teach, but haven't yet answered it.

Perhaps nobody ever actually taught you how to teach, or how to deal with the shadow side of doing your great work:

  • The overwhelm when you try to decide what to put in, what to leave out
  • The "fraud factor" of wanting to give so much, yet knowing how little you know and all the ways you fall short of your ideals
  • The fears that people will suck you dry or not "get it"
  • The exhaustion from over preparing or giving everything to obsessing over your "performance" or student feedback
  • The comparison and shame that plagues even the best teachers
  • The discouragement when you bomb (and we all bomb!)

We (Jen and Michele) both started teaching in our twenties with no experience, no curriculum,  no pedagogy -- totally by the seat of our young pants. What ensued was a whole lot of learning that could have been done with a tad more ease and support.

But we were young and stubborn, Jen had a best-selling book (The Woman’s Comfort Book) and requests flying in to teach around the world, and Michele was, at 23, the protégé of one of the most influential coaches in the world (CoachU founder Thomas Leonard), so we each soldiered on.

We went on to have glowing success -- Jen has written five more books on well-being with a million copies in print in 9 languages and Michele built a Fortune 500 coaching practice while we both taught and spoke widely on many subjects -- and it's what we learned through all that experience and success that we share in this course. The nitty truthful and very helpful gritty.

With TeachNow you will:

  • Kick-start your teaching.
  • Renew yourself as a teacher (or speaker or coach or writer - however you define "teacher") if you're burned out or have hit a plateau.
  • Gain concrete tools to improve your teaching, from planning to managing time to handling "difficult" students.
  • Develop and own the content you truly wish to teach.
  • Understand the shadow side and own your own power without grandiosity.
  • Discover your lineage and learn how to care for yourself in all situations.
  • Build your receiving muscles so you allow in as much blessing as you give out.
  • Explore how to market as a teacher, as someone who both wants to make a good living and change the world.
  • Discover an honest way to teach that will change how you teach – and feel about teaching – forever.

Would YOU like to be free to share your work, to enjoy it, and to make a difference in the world? Starting right now?

Then you have come to the right place. We've created a program that you can use at your own pace, supported by a year of live coaching calls - the best of both worlds.

If fear and self-doubt or content overwhelm or marketing confusion take the fun out of teaching, please let us help you like we've helped hundreds of teachers.

"Teach Now was exactly what I needed as a teacher, a student and a human being. Jen and Michele bring such honesty, generosity, wisdom and clarity to their teaching. Their insights, combined with the practical tools they shared, nourished me and supported me to take the next steps along my own teaching path. This course was everything I had hoped it would be, and more. I’ll be back for more!" --Marianne Elliott, UN Peacekeeper, Human Rights Advocate, Writer, Yoga Teacher (taken Teach Now twice)
"Teach Now is one of the most powerful educational experiences I have had.I learned what I needed to know to teach more confidently, have a greater impact on students, and enjoy teaching much, much, more. Michele and Jen are experienced, wise, fun guides with an incredible wealth of wisdom to share about teaching." --Tara Sophia Mohr, Writer and Personal Growth Teacher
"Teaching isn't new to me. I’ve been doing it for 15+ years. When I signed up for Teach Now, I knew I'd dig it. But I wasn't expecting the level of pure awesome Jen and Michele brought. There was stuff they taught that was totally relevant to things I was struggling with. And there were other bits that I so wish someone had told me years ago--things that would've made teaching a totally different experience for me. Jen and Michele are serving up transformative stuff here. Practical stuff. Solid stuff. Stuff that comes from actual experience. Priceless stuff. I don't wow easily. But Teach Now completely wowed my face off. If you have even the tiniest interest in teaching, jump in. It’s totally worth it." --Fabeku Fatunmise, Business Awesomizer/Suck Exorcist/Punk Rock Alchemist
"The Teach Now course was a warm and blessed support in my exploration of teaching. The videos and recordings were like wise and generous friends.I loved listening to the calls and interviews over and again for the many gems they contained. I am not a front-of-the-room teacher, yet I found an amazing depth of wisdom to encourage my work in the world- which, as it turns out, is a form of teaching." --Ingrid Goff-Maidoff, Author and Book artist
"Your Teach Now course last fall was one of the best courses I have ever taken! I have signed up again. This course beautifully models 'appropriate dosing.' The calls were diverse and experiential, and the recorded interviews with revered and highly effective teachers were amazing! If teaching is part of your work, and you have experienced any of the above challenges, I can't recommend it highly enough." --Laurie Rosenfeld, Master Coach, Lawyer, Organizational Development Consultant
"Two more gifted women do not exist to teach on teaching. They walk their talk and live what they speak. More, they consistently invite me to do the same. I cannot advocate their work, their passion, their content, their hearts enthusiastically enough." --Ronna Detrick, Writer & Personal Growth Teacher
"Thank you, Jen and Michele, for Teach Now. I signed up hoping for something that would increase my teaching skills, but what I received was something much greater: not just learning, but transformative growth." --Pace Smith, Connection-Revolution.com
"Thank you for creating and delivering a terrific program. I have participated in a number of programs and TeachNow ranks number one for me in terms of value and learning. I have learned so much from you and your fellow teachers (awesome interviews). The organization has been excellent--the quality of materials outstanding--and the extra mile you have traveled to provide transcripts –these have been invaluable to me. I love the way you work together too--you have great chemistry and partner well. I have been and will be recommending your work." --Ben Anderson, Technology Leadership Recruiter
"Between the wisdom and lightness emanating from the two of you AND the incredible interviews, holy cow! Thank you!" --Betsy Jackson, Playwright, Speaker, Writer
"Teach Now will change your life, and that's no dramatization. It is soul fuel. As a new Coach, I wondered if TeachNow was going to be aimed more at teachers and less at coaches. What I realized was that I am a teacher. It was a perfect fit. I was also terrified I’d feel like my fears and anxieties would not be shared and I'd sound like a fool. How wrong I was! And the exercise we did calling up our guides and teachers? I use that before every coaching session and it feels powerful and calms me down, every single time." --Kerry Demetriou, Coach and Teacher
"Teach Now showed up at exactly the right time for me. Up until now, I called myself a "facilitator" because I was sure I didn't have any special wisdom. But now I am a TEACHER and you have helped me claim that title! I now teach college communication and I hear comments like 'I was ready to drop out of the program until I started taking your class' and 'You are the BEST teacher we've had' and 'You have inspired me to believe that I can pursue my dreams.' I have been welcomed into a new tribe. Thank you." --Heather Plett, Leadership Trainer, Teacher, Social Change Agent, Writer
"TeachNow was so helpful for me. I have listened over and over again to the recordings. It was simply a course that delivered." --Nicola Warwick, Photographer, Coach, Writer
"There was no good reason why I needed Teach Now. I have been teaching for over 20 years, yet I trusted my intuition to sign up--thankfully. This course was so much more than I expected or dared to hope, so personally and professionally transformative. Teach Now is a reminder of the importance of true teaching and let me see that the soulful coaching community I'm longing for exists." --Lianne Raymond, Coach, High School Teacher, Yoga Teacher
"When I first took TeachNow, I had just ended a 10-year career as a teacher in Japan and was feeling very raw. When I took TeachNow the 2nd time, Japan had just experienced the earthquake, tsunami, and tragic reactor accident, and everyone around me was feeling very raw. To me, TeachNow was not just an e-course, but a grounding force. In Jen and Michele, I found two teachers who could provide truth. In the teachers who shared their experiences, I found wisdom and courage. To this vulnerable former teacher who had lost her courage to teach, the voices became a chorus of acceptance and healthy detachment. I still listen to the interviews today, a year after I've left my teaching post, and know that when I stand in front of my next class, I'll be much more honest with myself, my students." --Kiki Murai, Teacher
"TeachNow has been life-changing for me as a person and as a teacher. It is the best gift I have given myself in years! The course helped me tunnel through the blocks that were keeping me from fully stepping into teaching. If you doubt your calling, if you wonder whether *you* have something essential to say to the world, *this* is the course for you. You will find companionship, support, and tools to help you find your voice, answer your calling, identify your students, and learn about authentic marketing. If you are already teaching, TeachNow will enrich your practice and enhance your self-care." --Corryn Crosby-Muilenburg, Shaman and Teacher
"There is much to love about TeachNow. The calls, the interviews with master teachers, the homework, the opportunities for community engagement; yet for me, the absolute best part was that I could do it at my own pace. Working a 9-5 job and delivering my workshops/teaching 'on the side,' there wasn't much time in my packed schedule to go through the material. I've learned by their 'meta' examples on the class calls; from modeling appropriate dosing and the varied forms of delivery. I've gained inspiration and felt unending support from the delicious content they've collected and shared. My experience with TeachNow has made me a more comfortable and confident teacher,and the people I work with are reaping the benefits." --Deb Cooperman, Writing Evangelist and Founder of Living Out Loud Writing Groups
"Teach Now has served me far beyond the price of admission. From the first recording, I felt assured and able to hear more clearly the tiny voice inside me that said I was on the right track rather than the louder voice telling me it was too late (Alice vs. the White Rabbit). After TeachNow, Alice wins every time.Michelle and Jen are deliver on their promises, and never, ever make anyone feel like they don't belong, are stupid, less than, or anything other than 100% normal. They make the course so easy to use at your own pace. That alone is another TeachNow take-away--how to organize materials so your students/clients get the most out of what you are offering. Jen and Michelle, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful selves with all of us!" --Claire Beaumont
What You Get
Here's how the program works. You get access to 5 beautifully organized modules. Each module includes:
  • A pre-recorded, nicely edited, 70-90 minute class that will have you laughing, gasping, nodding your head, and scribbling like mad.
  • Speaking of scribbling, each module includes a nicely edited transcript of the class so you can read and listen.
  • Master Teacher Interviews: These interviews do not feature the same online entrepreneurs you see interviewed so often.  These are seasoned teachers from a variety of fields, and each interview is a candid, personal conversation about their seldom-discussed challenges and personal lessons as a teacher.  This is sheer transformational transparency.  Each interview will give you permission, inspiration, actionable approaches, and concrete mistakes to avoid.  You can read more about these under the Master Teachers tab. We've paired interviews with module content to accelerate your learning.
  • Handouts, Worksheets, and Audio/Videos "extras" to further illuminate material within the classes. This allows you to go deeper when you want to while keeping class time concise. Past students report using the audios again and again before teaching.
  • Homework Invitations to get you from inspiration into action. These invites are the furthest thing from busy work you can imagine.

Ruzuku Demo Video from Ruzuku on Vimeo.

PLUS you get a year of support - January 2012 to December 2012 - of live coaching calls with both Michele and Jen - and gently encouraging emails - so you get structure plus spaciousness plus all the material so you can dive into what you need to learn right now.

TeachNow Module 1

Transformational Teaching

This module includes:
  • Experiential exercises for creating a safe container and for regulating your own state
  • The Four Levels of Transformational Teaching:  Information, Experience, Inspiration, and Transmission
  • How stories help access all four layers and transform students
  • How to build and maintain a safe container for your students' transformation
  • How to cultivate transmission - its power and its limitations
  • Worksheet:The Four Levels of Teaching

TeachNow Module 2

Claiming Your Authority & Lineage

This module includes:
  • Identifying your rich, life-long lineage of influences, mentors, heroes, and anti-heroes
  • Taking your seat within that unique lineage
  • How to know if you are ready to teach
  • Appropriate dosing vs. being "the human blender"
  • A guided process to own what you know and be at peace with all you don't
  • Worksheet: Your Lineage Worksheet
  • Handout: Remembering What You Know

TeachNow Module 3

The Nuts & Bolts of Teaching

This module includes:
  • Designing your offer
  • Structuring and organizing your material
  • Finding the sweet spot between planning and over planning
  • Managing students (especially the difficult ones)
  • Teaching to different learning styles
  • Creating community & hospitality
  • Discovering your natural style of teaching
  • Action Guide: How To Plan, Prepare, & Teach
  • Action Guide: From Vague to Vavoom: Planning a Program from Scratch

TeachNow Module 4

You Are the Vessel: Self-Care for Vibrant Teaching

This module includes:
  • Recovering from and preventing burnout
  • Personal energy management
  • Handling projection and other challenges and opportunities
  • Feminine & Masculine elements of power (also known as no more over providing)
  • Creating strong flexible boundaries
  • Preparing to teach and recovering afterwards
  • Creating energy in the classroom
  • Action Guide: Caring For Your Vessel

TeachNow Module 5

Making Offers or Teaching Now

This module includes:
  • The high-integrity way to get butts in the seats
  • How to see marketing as another form of teaching
  • How to make a living as a teacher
  • Visualization of your future as a teacher
  • Clearing old stories about earning a living as a teacher
  • Sales strategies
  • Worksheet: The Offer Worksheet
Be sure and check out the bonuses that round out the TeachNow learning package. Those bonuses are time sensitive so click on the word Bonuses above right about...now!
Master Teachers

Welcome to one-on-one conversations with some of the best teachers on the planet

"When I saw that Christina Baldwin was one of your guest interviews, I signed up immediately. The whole course would have been worth that one interview.  And what a surprise Natalie Goldberg was, wow! I fell in love time and time again with all your guest interviews. I wanted to privately vote for my most favorite but I could never choose: each one brought something so unique. They were so humble and real.  I loved knowing that I was part of a tribe of this kind of excellent."    - Marjorie Swindell

What teaching inspiration and strategies will you receive from renowned (as in Knighted for her teaching in Sweden, as in founded the leading adult education center in the U.S., as in revolutionized their fields... that kind of renowned) teachers who've made teaching their life's work and their spiritual journey?

How About

  • How to accept your own fear and use it as ally
  • How to deal with difficult students
  • How to find the balance between planning and letting go
  • How to create your own rich content – and get over feeling like a fake
  • How to use story-telling and evocative language
  • How to embrace your own learning as part of being a great teacher
  • How to engage on-line students to actually participate in your courses and forums
  • How to make choices in where you teach as a self-care practice

  And so much more, more than we can possibly capture!

These interviews are wise, personal reflections on what these teachers have learned through their teaching journey. They share what they wish they'd known, and what they've learned through hard experience, mistakes, and overcoming huge self-doubt.
Juicy stuff indeed, and nothing you can find anywhere else. This is totally unique wisdom.

The Master Teacher Interviews

Each of these teachers is a pioneer in his or her field. Many have 20 or 30 or more years of teaching experience. Lots o’ doctorates. Almost all have written 4, 6, or 20 books, many of them New York Time bestsellers. We tried to distill their brilliance, experience, and accomplishments into brief bios. In the end, we settled for one pithy line each:

  • Changed how writing was taught, Writing Down the Bones author Natalie Goldberg
  • Author and Zen student who overcame her knee-shaking fear of teaching Cheri Huber
  • Changing the world through community building Meg Wheatley
  • Martha Beck’s go-to-gal Master Coach Susan Hyatt
  • Cross-cultural anthropologist and beloved mentor to many Angeles Arriens
  • Best life advocate Mollie Marti
  • Teaching elder and beloved unvarnished truth-teller Parker Palmer
  • Meditation/writing/Ennegram teacher Susan Piver
  • Author of Oprah’s "bible" The Book of Awakening Mark Nepo
  • Awakening Corporate Soul author and ordained swami Eric Klein
  • Yoga for Depression founder and Jen's yoga mentor Amy Weintraub
  • Deep student (and revered teacher) of group circle process and Jen's writing mentor Christina Baldwin
  • Tibetan and Western Alchemist and novelist Catherine MacCoun
  • Shifted forever how we see sexual abuse Laura Davis
  • Creator of The Empowerment Dynamic (T.E.D.) David Emerald
  • One of the first Westerners to bring Buddhist teachings to America Sharon Salzberg
  • Developing world fire-brand and improv lightness teacher Lee-Anne Ragan
  • Co-founder of the Omega Institute Elizabeth Lesser
  • Michigan Professor of the Year, poet Jack Ridhl
  • Story People artist and Tumblecloud creator Brian Andreas
  • Knighted for her teaching in Sweden Tove Irene Dahl
  • Maven of on-line teaching Ainslie Hunter
  • Legendary transformer of speakers and their messages Gail Larsen
  • Bad Princess and Master Coach Molly Gordon
  • Gets CEOs to lie down under his piano Michael Jones
  • Certified Anusra yoga instructor and voiceover artist Elizabeth Rainey
  • Sufi Master Teacher and business tenderizer Mark Silver
  • Eye-crossingly smart creativity and business poet/coach for creatives Mark McGuiness
  • Conscious social media darling Gwen Bell
  • Artist and journal wrecker Keri Smith
  • Group wrangler and functional muse Dyana Valentine
  • Teacher's coach and wildly experienced teacher Meggin McIntosh
  • Great Work inciter and End Malaria world-changer Michael Bungay Stanier

Each one is the bearer of a piece of the story of teaching as a personal path of ongoing transformation, effective service, and sustainable financial well-being. 

Will you add them to your teaching lineage?


TeachNow includes some delish bonuses because, well, because we love to give you good stuff. AND these bonuses are all time sensitive, so please note they all go away January 18th!

  • Big Bonus: Live Integration Coaching Calls with Jen Louden & Michele Christensen. This is the only time we work live together. Sheer energy, magic, wisdom, love. Get your questions answered and have an opportunity for hot seat coaching, pinpointed to your precise desires on the teacher's path. Jen rarely offers 1:1 sessions, and Michele's start a $500 an hour. Show up and get what you need.  Naturally, class recordings are also included. CALL DATES: Jan. 18th, February 23rd, April 11th, May 16th, June 13th, Sept. 12th, October 17th, Nov. 7th, Dec. 5th 2012. 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern. THIS BONUS GOES AWAY JANUARY 18TH, the date of the first call.
  • Bonus #2: Top 10 Teaching Questions + Amazing Answers - This document is golden. Several students named it their favorite part of the course. Carefully edited to get to the point.
  • Bonus #3: After the Retreat Is Over: Energy Alchemy for Teachers - From the amazing Hiro Boga, our guide in working with energy. It's a half-hour audio meditation to clear your energy body and energy field after teaching your next workshop or retreat. She made it JUST for TeachNow! So many teachers report they get exhausted. We address that in TeachNow Module 4 and Hiro adds her own energy brilliance here.
  • Bonus #4: Creating Content Video - Jen & Michele giving you a fast way to create content. Plus we'll crack you up. Consider that a double bonus.

Our Money-Back Guarantee to You

We want you to teach and with more confidence, pleasure, presence, and authenticity -- we want you to get out there in the world with your whole self.
If you decide that the course didn’t work for you, ask us for a refund.  There are 3 conditions:
  • You listened to at least 3 of the module calls.
  • You completed at least 2 of the homework invitations.
If you did these two things and are still unhappy, briefly tell us why, and we will promptly refund 100% of your investment and make a donation in your name to Seva.org.